Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College, established 1769, is a private Ivy League university set in the wooded town of Hanover, NH.

OCD worked with the Dartmouth Office of Communications and a committee of staff and faculty to update the school's visual identity while maintaining its legacy. We built the rebrand on five pillars of the university's philosophy: a liberal arts education at the core, teachers as passionate scholars, school as a base camp to the larger world, an adventurous spirit, and a profound sense of place.

The keystone of the new identity is the Lone Pine, a landmark on campus and a symbol for the school's strength, wisdom, and history. Based on the bicentennial designs of Hanover-based designer John Scotford, we redrew the tree to be balanced, confident, and distinctive. The system is further built around a bold new wordmark and accompanying typeface, designed by Jesse Ragan and based off of the work of Rudolph Ruzicka. Logo and type are woven throughout the brand alongside colors and patterns that draw directly from the natural environment of the New Hampshire woods, mountains, and rivers.
Designed at OCD

Art Directors: Bobby Martin, Jennifer Kinon

Brand Strategist: Sarah Hermalyn

Lettering & Typeface Design: Jesse Ragan

Fellow Designers: Scott Allen Hill, Taylor Hale, Rebecca Matt

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