My thesis project to complete the art major at Yale.

In concept, flags are one of the oldest and longest lasting versions of visual identity. They are hugely symbolic and their meanings must be conveyed directly, elegantly, and look awesome from far away. Because of this, they became the perfect medium to explore my own thoughts on design, intuition, and meaning in a visual context.

To grapple with this concept, I designed a system that constructs personalized flags based on relatively simple and subjective questions with the aim of producing an intuitive graphic representation of a place that is important to the user.

The system exists as a website found at, where you can create your own flag. For my thesis show, I designed an interactive exhibit that showcased flags as well as allowed visitors to create and print their own right in the space.

Gigantic thanks to Henk van Assen, Lisa Kereszi, Colin Dunn, the art major class of 2015, and Ken Lovell. And of course to home depot.