Powherful Foundation

Born out of Soledad O’Brien’s exposure to unimaginable human hardship and loss while covering Hurricane Katrina for CNN in 2005, the Powherful Foundation provides funding, mentoring and anything else needed so hardworking young women without access to higher education can attend college and have the support needed to graduate.

Our challenge was to uniquely position the Foundation to further the mission and support fundraising goals.

The new mark was developed with the key characteristics of the Foundation in mind - resilience, compassion, resourcefulness and empowerment. The Mallory typeface brings a strength to the mark complemented by the sturdy modified Mallory “HER” mark that brings the focus of the Foundation front and center, her. The gold, magenta and purple was chosen because of its warmth, femininity and boldness. 
Designed at OCD
Art Directors: Bobby Martin, Jennifer Kinon
Brand Strategist: Sarah Hermalyn