Phil’s Finest

Phil’s Finest (FKA Misfit Foods) is putting the “more" in omnivore. Freshly rebranded and relaunched with help from the team at Gander, Phil’s is stepping out in partnership with award-winning chefs, pairing fresh meats and vegetables into savory chicken sausages and ground beef that are as wholesome as they are delicious.

But it’s about more than just freshness and flavor. Eating a more plant-based diet is one of the most powerful ways to help combat climate change. Phil’s Finest sausages and ground beef make it easy for everyone to do right by the planet—as easy as shopping at the local market. Phil’s is meeting people where they are with a product that everyone—both meat-lovers and meat-reducers—can get on board with.

Designed at Gander
AD: Katie Levy, Mike McVicar
Fellow Designers: Lauren Nicholas, Alejandra Ros, Phaedra Charles

Photography & Styling: Anisha Sisodia, Ali Nardi, Ryan Duffi
Animation: Faye Kahn